A long time user of the Internet and the World Wide Web, I’ve found that only in the past few years have weblogs moved from being largely a casual indulgence of unedited opinion to sources of genuinely thoughtful and informative content.

I’ve decided to create a professional weblog to document my thoughts around both technology and management styles & behaviours. This has partly come about due to the fact that I’ve been using an internal company collaborative website to provide opinion and feedback and have received positive response in return. I’ve also created a professional twitter account which I will use to post links I find of interest. While I may link to articles from here, I do not intend to spam my readers with nothing but URLs to content elsewhere.

It should also go without saying that any original content and opinions expressed here are my own and does not represent my employer (past or present) or anyone else unless explicitly stated.

I also encourage comments and debate with my posts. If you feel passionate about a point I’ve raised, in agreement or disagreement, comment with your thoughts (just keep it on topic). The world needs more debate and collaboration.

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